Preemptive Pest Protection: Protect Your Plants from Pests

23 September 2014
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

All gardens will have bugs in them, but most bugs will contribute to the ecosystem that you have created in your lawn. However, if certain types of bugs take residence in your garden, your plants could become sickly or even be killed. Instead of spraying when you discover that you have pests, you can take steps to protect your garden from pests before they even take up residence. Location Pests will go after weak or stressed plants. Read More 

What Are Line Marking Services?

8 August 2014
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

When it comes to having a parking lot or other lot paved there are a lot of extra things to take into consideration. One thing that many lot owners fail to remember, is line marking. This can either be done when the asphalt is new, or every few years to touch up and spruce up the lot. There are a few different types of line marking and knowing about them may help you understand just what service you need. Read More